wherehouse eternal

by Dark Tones

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written throughout 2014/2015, recorded jan-sept 2015 in a basement in saugus and a dorm room in new york


released November 13, 2015

thomas biery - saxophone on 9
seth-faith fatouh - vocals on 1, 2, 8, 10
chris masih - vocals on 11
zoe zelkind - vocals on 2, 10, 11
everything else by j malzone

thanks to chris, shaun, zoe, seth, thomas, brian, dan, abby, everyone from boston hassle, any1 else whos been really cool/nice+who make things i like. yeah




all rights reserved


Dark Tones Boston, Massachusetts

born in the world and dwelling there


email neglectedgods@gmail.com for anything


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Track Name: Found Your Figure
i sing this song and i'm alone
there isn't anybody home
write down some books i'd like to read
i'm taking stock of everything

(it's not hard) i found your figure in the dark

all the silence and all the noise
i couldn't recognize your voice
walked by the lake and saw myself
and the empty branches jutting out
Track Name: Fog Song
i was driving and i wanted to stop
to take pictures of the reservoir
but it all just looks the same
I guess i’ll drive to Kane’s
“what was it that you possibly saw?”
just trees rippling in the fog -
things i won’t remember

and there’s a song you wrote
when you were ten years old
and you didn’t know a whole lot about how the world works
and maybe your ten year old self
and who you are right now
will finally meet one day
shake hands and walk away

but what i saw, in the fog
let me in, or so i thought
i'm afraid that nothing will come of
the pictures that i took in the mist
or my songs
and i don't wanna open my mouth
how hard can i make things for myself?
i don't remember

and maybe we just don't know
and we're all just staring out of windows
watching those feelings go away
maybe we'll meet back with them one day
and i brush my hand through my hair
snow falls through the air and then it dies
well let's just let it lie
Track Name: Effortlessness
i had a dream about effortlessness
i had a dream about effortlessness
there was nothing that i thought was worth asking about
that i didn't already know

i had a dream about effortlessness
i had a dream about effortlessness
i could take a walk in the open
and not have to worry about where i stood
and i wouldn't have to try anymore

i had a dream about effortlessness
i had a dream where i didn't exist
but i could summon myself in an instant
(not that i actually would)
and i wouldn't have to hide anymore

i wasn't afraid of my own perception,
i could see the world for what it was worth
and i don't want to try anymore
Track Name: Song for Alex C
i've seen another ghost, another castaway
i've seen another ghost, another castaway
they used to ring the bell, now they just look on
they used to ring the bell, now they just look all day long

walking down 7th ave
i'm nothing heaven would have
if you find me
will you let me know?
i can tell you
i will come to

i'm counting down the days until i come up for air
i'm counting down the days until i come up for air
i dreamt that lewis died, died without his share
i dreamt that lewis died and no one even cared

it's hard to tell you the truth
when you don't know what you do
if you find me
would you let me know?
i can tell you
i will come to
Track Name: Blood Flows
don't do it, jimmy
don't blow your nose in the shower
you know what happens
your blood will run down your face
but it's relieving to know your blood flows
its relieving, and ohhh sooo stressful
but i could never hope to figure things out

the wind blows
and i'm standing still on the sidewalk
i’m at the punk show
and i feel my feet on the hard cement
i'm in the crowd at silent barn and i'm all too aware of all of the space i'm taking up and the way my body is made up
and the water is still pouring
and the bloody tissues still line the trash
but it's relieving to know your blood flows
it's relieving, and ohhhhhhhhh soooOOOoooo stressful
but i could never hope to figure things out
at all
Track Name: Am I OK?
as long as i'm still breathing
and all my skin's still on me
held onto for safekeeping
and my shoulders are clear and nice for once in my life
been awfully suspicious
that i'm no longer ambitious
the light inside keeps dwindling
and i'm asking myself as if it's never been
am i okay?
am i okay?
am i okay?
am i okay?
if you say it's still distorted
how long can i ignore it?
my words are so misleading
but no one will believe me
i'm afraid i won't stop needing
all the things i put beneath me
but you say that i'm still breathing
like all good things are leaving
am i okay?
am i okay?
am i okay?
am i okay?
there's nothing on the shelf
but a lifetime of feeling bad for myself
whatever you had told me
it's something i'm still holding
there's nothing worth unveiling
and it seems like no one's scared of failing
i think the rips in the seams are now showing
i'm going nowhere and I know it
when everybody's all so easygoing
it feels like i'm just wasting away
it's like that scene out of potemkin
where the people are all running
and it goes on for forever
and it doesn't really hold together at all
am i okay?
am i okay?
am i okay?
am i okay?
i kept the things that didn't help without a thought as to how they felt for you, for sure
there's nothing awful anymore
but the lights still go off in the day
am i okay?
Track Name: Comets
pull the skin off my lip
settle down, take the trip
i wouldn't make it easy for me now
the stars don't align
no need to ask, i feel just fine
i think i'm gonna go get a chocolate milk
old christmas lights
flicker off in the night
i think there might be something to me now but i can't tell for sure

you think
you know?
you don't
at all

comets hurdling through the sky
are just a bunch of rocks that caught on fire
Track Name: Broken Telephones
i imagined a snowbank frozen in ice
and a person in a house, frozen inside
songs never heard, films never seen
so many words, suffocating heat

i imagined a ghastly feeling on the back of my neck
and a menacing hovering voice telling me not to forget
so forget i won’t, this is all i could be
less than unknown, suffocating heat

i imagined a house that everybody knew
and everybody played and everyone came through
but there's never been a scene
and there won't ever be
it's only ever me
falling underneath

you're on your own
see what you've been shown
you're all alone
a broken telephone you can't repair
Track Name: Dazed and Confused
friday night i'm finally free
do you wanna see a movie with me?
el topo's playing at the IFC
there's nowhere else i'd rather be

kicking all the dirt off of my shoes
walking across town to you
the sunshine's playing dazed and confused
way over on second avenue

fences rusted over from the rain
and i'm still scraping off the paint
if everything i know and don't is the same
then what do i even have to gain?

stayed up late again watching halloween
staring in the dark at a small TV screen
i'm so tired of cutting my teeth
everything's like nothing i've seen
Track Name: I Stared Down a Hallway
i stared down a hallway
and i couldn't see the end
all of the doors were suspended in air
just out of my reach
how could that be fair?
i stared down a hallway
thinking, "nothing could be important here,
why can't I stay forever?
take time and pull myself together,
or maybe just look on? at
whatever comes past?"
solitude's forbidding,
look around and maybe try to touch the ceiling and say
"it doesn't have to mean anything"
(regarding the hallway)
and now i'm here,
staring down this hallway
waiting for someone to stumble upon it,
come and pull my dumb ass out,
hardly making a sound while i stare the fucker down

emptiness permitting,
feel around and reach some sort of end and
fall off
floating in unbounded nothingness
and who then is to blame for it?
Track Name: Sunday Sun
i hate the sunday sun
shining down on me like a storm
i could be the only one
but the way it hits me just makes me feel so small
held on to a lot of things,
held on to so many i just couldn't let them all fall
waking up on the saturdays
wondering just what the hell my problem is at all

i hate reaching for the stars
just want them to fall on me like i know they will
the way they are seems so bizarre
and it’s just a matter of simply sitting still
i don't know why every time i write
i can only focus on all the ways i haven't changed
sometimes when i'm alone at night,
i swear i almost hear someone calling out my name, saying
"James, you're not alone in this anymore"
but i wanna see them fall

i hate the sunday sun
shining down on me since the day i was born
i know now i'm the only one
but it's way too big and it won't leave me alone
it's so hard seeing eye to eye
when you hardly feel like you should even be in sight
waking up on the finer days
i get so down when i see the light outside

i just want some clouds in my life